Disorganised computers mean double the work

Disorganised computers mean double the work


Have you ever saved a file on your computer and found it hard to find it at an important moment? The answer will most probably be “yes” – we’ve all been there. This is a common problem that affects millions of users every day and that is due to lack of organisation of personal computers and shared folders.

A lack of digital organisation reveals itself in the most varied ways – from folders stored without a logical structure, duplicate files without standardised classification, even desktops that are so confusing that they make finding the most obvious item is a herculean task.


While vital tool for day-to-day million professional work, the organization of computers is critical to the extent that increases the processing speed of the equipment and contributes to the optimization of the file search time. To avoid increased efforts in the recovery of files - which thus originate stress and reduce staff productivity levels - is crucial to think the organization in future research logic. So we must begin to organize files, folders and shortcuts by categories, avoid excessive folder levels, set a cross criterion for appointment of files - abdicating nomenclatures "new", "old" or "final version" - and finally, standardize desktop layout.


In addition to facilitating proper labor everyday life - whether by freeing disk space, increase the speed of response and immediate location of the files you want - the organization of the digital environment facilitates access by other professionals to stored files and shared in network.


# Problems:

˃ Time spent for file location;

˃ Demotivation and stress caused by low productivity;

˃ files stored without logical structure associated;

˃ duplicate files;

˃ Slow processing equipment;

˃ Lack of standardization in the designation of the files.


# Solution:

˃ Guide to structure a future research logic;

˃ organize files, folders and shortcuts by categories;

˃ Avoid excessive levels of folders;

˃ Set a file of naming criteria (file names should facilitate the search tool)

˃ abdicate the nomenclature "new", "old" or "" final version "(where necessary opt to appoint different versions of the file with letters or putting a date);

˃ Standardization desktop layout.


# Benefits

˃ immediate location of the necessary files;

˃ Reducing stress levels and increased staff productivity;

˃ Ease information sharing;

˃ Liberation disk space;

˃ Increased equipment speed.

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