7 behaviours - for example, ask 5 times

7 behaviours - for example, ask 5 times "why"

Professionally, it is important to always be evolving to improve its performance. Seven ideas to help you not stagnate in your career.


1. Think "How to" and not "Why it can't be done"

Face problems in a positive way and as opportunities for improvement go along way to get the address. Do not waste time thinking about the reasons why a given problem has no solution but to focus instead on solutions and what you can do to begin to overcome the difficulties.


2. Be open to question current practices - without paradigms

Question the procedures and the way of doing things. We often make the tasks repetitively and without the only question why ever do that way for a long time. Ask why and put in question are fundamental premises so that innovation can flourish.


3. Do not look for perfection. Practice change immediately, even if you only get 50% of the results

Do not wait for ideal conditions to make changes because the ideal does not exist. It is better to go slowly implementing the solution than waiting for the perfect conditions are met I had imagined for a given situation. Imperfect improvements are better than perfection postponed.


4. Ask 5 times "Why?" To understand the root causes

To be able to get to the real cause of the problem will have to put the question "Why?" Accordingly. Should deepen the reasons the problem of the base to be able to understand the true its true cause.


5. Seek the wisdom of 10 people instead of one's knowledge

To have the overview of the situation it is necessary to listen to all the people involved, regardless of their function. We must listen to the leaders, but also the employees and all stakeholders in the process. Only in this way you will be able to take a holistic view of the problem and draw a correct solution to fix it.


6. Try to implement low-cost ideas in the 1st place

First we must try to solve problems through the simplest form. Why should we invest in very expensive solutions are sometimes the solution may be within reach of a simple and economical way. The key is to simplify prior to automate.

7. KAIZEN™ ideas are endless

Solutions must always be reviewed and improved, because the conditions change. Only in this way will achieve.


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