The known technique that will ensure quick and lasting results for your company

The known technique that will ensure quick and lasting results for your company

With a limited duration and well-defined objectives, the Workshop is a great technique to guarantee fast results and low-cost solutions. To align wills, moods, ways of working and paces at which work is done – these are all complex challenges. In this context, to execute workshops is to have a team work intensively with a clear objective to solve a specific problem in a limited time period and using standardised methods. It helps to stimulate teamwork and also contributes towards more and better results. The workshop has the gift of revitalising team members who have lost focus, guiding teams toward improvement.


As a part of a globally competitive era, organisations increasingly feel the need to understand what the sources of their waste are. That is why they are eager to promote a continuous improvement philosophy that is common to every team member, working towards profitability and productivity. KAIZEN™ workshops are a specific answer to this need on the ground, motivating their teams to keep focused. Those who are affected by the change have to be involved and these transformations are brought about in a productive and educational way – the “Future State” is defined together and every member is a part of it and contributes toward the continuous improvement of its processes.


Eliminating long projects that are slow in evidencing results and implementing faster improvements are factors that encourage the concept of “learning while doing”. Wanting to work towards results with low-cost solutions, KAIZEN™ workshops promote teamwork and imply that along a maximum of 10 days, employees pass through 3 distinct phases:


Preparation: defining the goals and the team for the workshop, data collection and analysis, (lasting 1 to 2 days);

Design and test: carrying out improvement activities with standardised methodology (lasting 2 to 5 days);


Evaluation: verification which follows the workshop Results and Benefits (lasting 2 to 3 days).


Workshops must be carried out in the Gemba (the real workplace where value is created) and also follow the A3 standard method, collecting the workshop activities in an A3 report. A workshop can be carried out focusing on different themes and having different kinds of results: the increase in productivity, improvement in quality and stock dimensioning. These can be assimilated quickly through KAIZEN™ workshops, having a significant impact in terms of results attained and team motivation.

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