Do you want your business to achieve better results? Get a PT

Do you want your business to achieve better results? Get a PT

A very common situation is that someone signs up to a gym for a specific purpose and ends up being unmotivated because he cannot get the expected results within the required timeline.

In these situations, but not only, a Personal Trainer (PT) can help a person to achieve better results by helping him to define the direction of what he wants and what he has to do to achieve it.


The goal of a PT is not to force someone to perform a specific exercise program, but to help him to optimize his results, even if they are already positive.

The idea is that the PT can help the person to define well their goals and what he has to do to achieve them, so that he can became more autonomous and able to train alone at some point.

On the other hand, as someone sees the person doing better, he become more motivated and more committed to the process, which means he will get even better results.


Also in a company, in order to start a process of continuous improvement, it may be necessary to have a PT, which in this case will be a coach. Also in this coaching process, the goal will be to make people more autonomous and capable to develop the process of continuous improvement alone. Again, results will lead to greater motivation which in turn will lead to even better results.


Kata is a coaching system that leads people through continuous improvement to achieve more ambitious goals in all aspects of the organization. It is a way of changing the behaviour of employees and organizations with practice and methods.


For Kata Coaching it is important to answer to five fundamental questions:


1.       What is the target to reach?

2.       What is the current condition?

3.       What are the obstacles that can prevent us from reaching our target? In what obstacle are we working on right now?

4.       What are the next steps? What are our forecasts?

5.       When can we see what we have learned from this step?


In this process, the coach will be responsible for planning and executing the coaching cycles so that the person being coached understands the direction of the challenge, has a full perspective of the current condition, establishes the next target condition, and thus moves toward to them.

And one thing that is very positive in coaching is that this process has visible results. As people look at these results, they will feel more motivated and committed to continuous improvement.

This process creates a culture of employee empowerment and greater accountability. Just as PT helps people to be healthy and able to train themselves, here they will be able as well to came up with more innovative and creative solutions, generating competitiveness for themselves and for the whole company.


Kaizen Institute is a multinational company that supports organizations in the design and implementation of processes that enable continuous improvement in a sustained manner.





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