Opinion: the five skills of an exemplary leader

Opinion: the five skills of an exemplary leader

A leader who wants to lead effectively must, inevitably, master a range of skills and be close to his team.

To be a leader is not enough to lead a team. Effective leadership is an essential condition for a team's success, as it is for the leaders who can lead their team to excel and achieve extraordinary results. Learn the five skills common to all the exemplary leaders:

Knowledge of responsibilities: monitoring the work of the team in situ must be on the leader's daily agenda. It is also important to take responsibility for team performance and for the impact on customers and suppliers.

Skills to Improve: Knowledge to improve and evolve is an integral part of leadership. A good leader must be able to identify wastes and solve problems in order to improve performance indicators.

Technical Knowledge: The leader must master the materials, the tools, the techniques and the operational processes of the day to day. In a leadership position, it is also necessary to master the know-how, in order to ensure continuity in a situation of need, to guarantee productivity and the good rhythm of work.

Skills to teach: this allows in day-to-day practice to train team members to start and develop their roles, as well as share knowledge - elementary for the team to evolve.

Skills to lead: it is fundamental to motivate, manage conflicts and generate empathy within the team. To be committed to the team and establishing communication is the most important because it brings the members closer to each other. The proximity to people and the ability to listen to them and to communicate about their performance are fundamental characteristics for the improvement of the relationship between employees as well as the motivation of all.

In addition to these five essential skills, there are three golden rules that must be observed in all leaders: being close to their teams; monitor and communicate performance through visual frames and deliver actions for continuous improvement. This set of principles generates gains in productivity and quality. A leader who wants to lead effectively must, inevitably, master a range of skills, be close to his team and know how to do it. The gains for the team and for the whole organization are excellent.

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