he Kyoto Protocol, in force since 2005, was ratified by 191 countries in the United Nations Convention on Climate Change in 1997. One of the most important points of this Protocol was the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by about 41 countries.

With the same objective, the European Union introduced emissions trading in the European Union, which created a robust market for carbon trading, based on the 'Cap and Trade' system, which was signed by 25 European countries.

We know that excess greenhouse gases, the main cause of global warming, is a global problem that requires a global solution. It is therefore imperative to sensitize companies to the impact that the actions they carry out have on the planet.


What is the TEM?

The Total Environmental Management – it’s a systematic methodology that aims to understand, evaluate and minimize or even eliminate the negative impact on the environment. At this stage, it’s no longer an option for companies to choose whether or not to reduce greenhouse emissions and to reduce their carbon footprint. Nevertheless, in many companies, there is still no method to fully quantify adverse effects on the environment.


How to use TEM?

The value chain consists of the various streams of activity that an organization puts in place to provide a product or service to its customers. The main focus of mapping a traditional value stream is to reduce or eliminate the seven wastes associated with operations. The mapping of the green value stream aims to identify, in a first phase, the five green problems:


• Non-renewable energy

• Air pollution and emissions

• Water pollution and use

• Non-biodegradable materials

• Ecological damage.


It is this mapping that will allow, at a later stage, the company's focus on reducing or even eliminating the five green problems.

Achieving increased corporate awareness to practice green business has a highly positive impact on everyone involved.

If we know how to implement the exact methodologies for each problem and follow the steps we have previously defined, we will achieve the desired results. The ideal is to implement this green KAIZEN™ and prove the results!

Kaizen Institute is a multinational company that supports organizations in the design and implementation of processes that enable continuous improvement in a sustained manner.

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