Benchmarks & Client Cases

KAIZEN™ in Shared Services Centres

The Challenge

disorganised storage area


• Leaders and team members under constant fire-fighting

• Poor team productivity, with a high level of backlog

• Low cash flow availability, with high levels of overdue customers’ debt

Root Causes

• Lack of productivity, quality and service level indicators follow-up

• Communication difficulties between teams

• Processes with manual tasks and long Lead Times

• Problem solving through traditional "trial and error"

The Solution

workplace organisation

• Lead Time reduction in the billing process to reduce overdue debt

• Team meetings focused on deviations analysis and KPI improvement

• Restructured workplaces to increase team productivity

• Redesign of the ticket resolution process, with SLA improvement

The Results

This project generated 715k€/year and +1.7M€ of free cash flow



Productivity in invoice processing improved by 57%

Shrinkage rate

% SLA Compliance

Increase of 24% in SLA compliance

Average Stock

Overdue Debt

Overdue debt decreased by 21%.

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