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Digital Improvement System Setup

The Challenge


• COVID-19 crisis forces the whole company to work from home

• 90% of daily management routines and improvement workshops were face to face, for more than 150 teams

Root Causes

• All dynamics and processes were designed to work in a physical environment, with low digital intervention

• The teams had strongly rooted routines with supporting physical elements, which seemed hard to replicate in a digital environment

The Solution

Solutions services

• Digital transformation of the daily management routines:

- Virtual boards based on Excel, PowerBI, Webex & MS Teams

- Virtual training with new methodology that ensured participation of all the trainees, improved virtual knowledge acquisition and the use of virtual dynamics

• Digital transformation of project management routines:

- Virtual mission control room

- Collaborative workshops implementing the strategic vision of the company

- Launch of new projects through paradigm-changing virtual tools

The Results

Transformation of the whole company’s daily routines in just 3 weeks

Lead Time

% Digital Teams

Proportion of digital teams increased by 90%

Industrialisation travail

No. Improvement Ideas during COVID (Feb – May 2020)

466 improvement ideas implemented.

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