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Strategic Planning in the Process Industry


market share


• Loss of sales and market share in recent years

Root causes

• Ad-hoc business trends and markets analysis process

• Products not adapted to customer requirements

• Low level of service compared to competition

• Top strategy and vision are not implemented at a practical level


KAIZEN™ Diario Digital

• Analysis of trends and competitors of the main market segments - Mekko charts - and identification of change drivers that determine the market in the long term

• Construction of customer interest tables based on the voice of the customer and design of value curves, including future vision by segment

• Hoshin Kanri process for strategy deployment using the X Matrix

• Value stream analysis of operations to identify improvement priorities

The Results



Sales increased by 23%.

area ocupada


EBITDA increased by 13%.

valor en stock

Lead Time

Lead Time reduced by 50%.

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