Benchmark & Case Studies

Strategic Review in the Food Industry


Before State


• Poor sales and EBITDA in recent years with unsatisfactory growth

• Diversity of investments is not aligned to the strategy

Root causes

• Conservative budget, with unambitious growth targets

• Focus on producing and selling in quantity at the expense of the brand

• New products do not always meet consumers' needs

• Organic international growth with no long-term plan

• Lack of monitoring and evaluation of the strategy


Future State

• Identification of the change drivers that will shape the market in the future

• Creation of new products adapted to the needs of consumers

• Definition of the export strategy based on the geopolitical situation, commercial system and consumer

• Definition of the top X Matrix and deployment to the next levels

• Strategy review system with Bowling chart and countermeasures


Sales Increase

Total Sales

Total sales increased by 54%.

EBITDA Increase


EBITDA improved by 3%.

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