KAIZEN™ Bootcamps

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KAIZEN™ Bootcamp programmes will transform your teams into true KAIZEN™ agents

The programme involves live scenario implementation and theoretical training. Teams learn by doing and are encouraged to incorporate KAIZEN™ into the daily practices and processes within the organisation.

KAIZEN™ Boot camp programmes will transform teams KAIZEN™ Lean agents

• The Essentials Bootcamp includes seminars for introducing KAIZEN™ to organisations that are starting their Lean journey.

• The Teams Bootcamp programme is composed of four maturity levels, that aims to guide the team progressively into more complex KAIZEN™ routines and tools.

• The Process Bootcamp helps improvement project leaders to design and implement innovative solutions, with a big impact on the business results.

• The Business Bootcamp is targeted at top leaders who want to master the strategy planning process supported by a continuous improvement culture.

Subscription programmes


For getting started with KAIZEN™ Foundations

6 612€ or

1 653€ x 4 instalments

✓ Foundations Seminar

✓ Daily KAIZEN™ Seminar

✓ Value Stream KAIZEN™ Seminar

✓ Strat KAIZEN™ Seminar

for 20 people


Daily Management with Problem Solving

16 872€ or

1 480€ x 12 instalments

✓ Daily KAIZEN™ Seminar

✓ Daily KAIZEN™ Planning for 10 teams

✓ Daily KAIZEN™ Audit for 10 teams


5 days of coaching


Value Stream Improvement with KAIZEN™ Events

21 432€ or

1 880€ x 12 instalments

✓ Value Stream KAIZEN™ Seminar

1 Value Stream Analysis and Planning

✓ Mission Control setup


10 days of coaching

4 Strat to Action e-books


Breakthrough Innovation with Hoshin Development

38 532€ or

3 380€ x 12 instalments

✓ Strat KAIZEN™ Seminar

✓ Strat Planning for 1 Business Unit/ Department

✓ Hoshin Deployment including 1 Value Stream Analysis


10 days of coaching

✓ Benchmark visits

✓ Early access to new KI books

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